A Twisted Makeup Story

I used to swear by the “natural look.” I wanted to be and feel myself and, to me, that meant not wearing any type of makeup. My whole issue was I wanted to be noticed and liked for more important things, and I wanted to be liked by how I look naturally.

Let’s backtrack a little more, shall we? Growing up, lipsticks and eyeliner didn’t attract me like it did the other girls my age. I just wasn’t interested; I have no other explanation beyond that. As I progressed into my teenage years, I noticed all the girls around me changed. Naturally, that made my one goal be: DO NOT CHANGE. JUST BE YOU. While I wasn’t a rebel, I tried my hardest to be true to myself. When my early adult years came, I stood by my above statement and hardened my theory of ‘natural is better.’

What I didn’t realize was while that is true, it doesn’t mean change is wrong. I equated makeup with negative change, unnaturalness and conformity. However, at 24, I’ve discovered I had it completely twisted. In actuality, wearing makeup can be the complete opposite of those things in the most amazing way possible.

Before the new year, I began trying to learn about the different types of makeup and how to apply it… AND I LOVE IT! I have become so obsessed that I went out and bought some amazing products, which I fell in love with. I learned wearing makeup does not make me lose my individuality; it can actually be an outlet for creativity and self-expression.

At the moment, I’m sticking to neutrals and soft colors… it’s more my style and I’m still learning. But, I am having so much fun! It is also great me-time; I have several minutes of myself in the mirror, concentrating on me. It may sound self-centered; but in a world that is constantly on the move, it can be a very calming experience.

Now that’s settled… Below are the items I picked up. My makeup haul is full of beautiful colors and packaging. I love every. single. thing.




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