Embrace the Warm Weather

This past Sunday I grew inspired by the gorgeous, warm weather and the happy sun engrossing the sky. After spending the last few days indoors, I felt the itch for some fresh air. That is when I proposed an afternoon at the park with my mom and little cousin. We packed a bag full of fun bits to play with and a big bottle of water and went on our way to Franklin Square.


Feeling the breeze, eating at the featured shack, playing with the soft baseball set and walking through the picnic and carousel attractions were some of my many highlights of the day. While I had the best time, I realized how much good just stepping out of the house can do for one’s mind and spirit. It allows you to take a step back from your responsibilities and simply enjoy.


The time spent outside in a nice place rejuvenates your lungs and engrosses your body in nature’s hug. Your mind instantly feels a little more free to wander off in the positive sections of your brain, which immediately sets the tone of your mood for the rest of the day and hopefully longer. It is basically a refresh button, reminding you of the importance of embracing the warm weather.

Whenever you feel you need some inspiration, a breather or a reinvigoration, put on something comfy, step outside and go to a beautiful park. It’s worth it!

How do you embrace the beautiful weather?


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