Book Review: Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran

This is a story for those who wish to witness the power of women. Their hopes, dreams, sacrifices, responsibilities and actions have the power to fight a war, protect the defenseless and be the hero of their own story. Enter the novel, Rebel Queen, which was published in March of 2015 by Michelle Moran, an international bestselling author of six historical fiction novels. Moran brings to life an otherwise obscure piece of Indian history through her enticing writing and driven characters.

A Pretty, Brief Summary

In the mid 1800s, the British set it sights on the small kingdom of Jhansi. This isn’t a fictional kingdom of a prince and princess who fall in love and rule their kingdom with the support of other palaces from around the world. Jhansi is now known to the world as India. However, how did this change happen? The English took advantage of a land which seemed divided on the outside.

Still, The Rani of Jhansi (Queen Lakshmi) did not plan to go down without a fight. With the help of her male and female armies she raised to battle against foreign and domestic threats, The Rani rallies alongside her soldiers to defend their land. One of her warriors of her Durga Dal (the elite Royal Guard) is Sita, a humble girl trained by her father in their tiny village. With her, you journey throughout the story, following her losses, struggles, happiness, fights, experiences, revelations… and her unwavering loyalty to the Rani.

My Thoughts

This book took over my life. It had me from the first page until the last. Moran’s captivating writing transported me into nineteenth century India, from Sita’s remote village of Barwa Sagar to the majestic city of Jhansi into the deadly battlefield. Through Sita, I encountered and learned about their culture and customs, while also experiencing her introduction to court and her adapting to her new life of silk, jewelry, friendship, politics, weaponry and war.

Each character provided more insight to the story, driving the plot forward. Not once did I feel the story lagged or filled with too much/too little detail, dialogue, character development or world building. Moran perfectly executed the fictional look into the history of Queen Lakshmi.

If you are looking for a historical fiction novel of two interesting and inspirational female heroines filled with royalty, culture, loyalty, family and love, look no further than Rebel Queen.


Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear from you. Have you read Rebel Queen? What was your favorite part? Were there any decisions you did not agree with?

If you did not read this book, would you consider placing it on your TBR list? Why or why not?


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