3 Ways to Make a Small Garden Pretty

In life, the one lesson that has been ingrained in my brain is to enjoy the little things. Cherish them. Do not take them for granted. I am a firm believer; I get way too excited over Harry Potter references, old kitten photos of my cats, cute items which make a space just a little bit sweeter… anything that can bring a smile to my face. Enter my teeny garden in my tiny backyard in the city.

Even though my backyard isn’t the prettiest, or even the brick thing we poured dirt in to make a garden, my mom and I have always put in the effort to try to make it appealing to the eye. Each spring, we buy fresh potting soil, plants and flowers and a few bits and pieces to bring it to life. Pun intended haha.

This post is dedicated to those who were blessed with the small garden a.k.a. the little things. Keep reading for 3 ways to make it a pretty one you will cherish!

#1: Purchase the plants and flowers of your choosing.

Make it colorful. Make it diverse. Create a theme. Go green. It all depends on you; your interests, your personality, your lifestyle.







I photographed these while at the garden center. I bought some succulents for indoors. The others are my admiration of their beauty. The last photo are of the plants we chose; they’re packed in the backseat of my car.

#2: Add separate planters around your space.

Additional planters make the garden feel like it has a little more depth. It will create the illusion of more space. Plus, it’ll provide variety, aesthetic and character!




#3: Throw in some cute touches!

This is where you can have some more fun with your gardening and decorating. Do you want wildlife to visit your peaceful habitat? A bird feeder or bird house will invite the beautiful bird songs to your garden. Decorate with fairy lights, sculptures, flags, dividers and anything else you can think of to make it more homey.




I am so in love with my little cat with wings sculpture and wooden bird house!


I believe it’s all about perspective. You have the power to make something worthwhile with just a little bit of creativity and positivity. I hope this gives you some ideas or just a little bit of inspiration.

Let me know your tips for making a small garden look pretty!




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