Movie Review: Why Wonder Woman is So Important!

A Pretty, Brief Summary

Motivated by duty, faith and love, Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman, entices movie viewers into a world where THE woman (women) are the heroines in the story. She takes her training from her all-female island of Amazonian warriors, knowledge of war and corruption and the sure way to rid the world of it and resolve for what is right to guide her actions in what lies ahead amid World War I. With Steve Trevor and other confidants by her side, she becomes Wonder Woman over the course of the film. It is definitely a sight to see; an inspiration, a role model, a superhero to the eyes of all who witness it.


My Thoughts

Action and Humor

With superhero movies, action isn’t difficult to come by: it’s filled with epic battle scenes packed with gorgeous visual effects. Of course, Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth, shield, sword and arm cuffs are present to reinforce her awe-inspiring trademarks. But, amongst the fight between right and wrong, for humanity and for love, fun and amusement is prevalent throughout as well. I love the sassy remarks and matter-of-fact humor incorporated, which added just the right amount of comedy in such a movie loaded with heavy and significant subjects.


Strength is portrayed in just about every scene in this blockbuster hit. However, I find it essential to mention the strong female-lead of the film (biggest female-led superhero movie to date and the first since 2005)! She’s powerful, unapologetic and courageous, even when fear and danger looks her in the face.


Love is the driving force in the movie, and it is incredibly relevant to our time. If you take one lesson away from Wonder Woman, it is to believe love always wins. I hope I’m getting this correct, but one of her many inspirational quotes stuck with me: “There is no deserve. There’s what you believe in. And I believe in love.”

As we walk through life, we are at times stained by our experiences. We are often taught treat others the way you want to be treated, which sometimes changes to treat others the way they treat you. So, if you feel someone doesn’t “deserve” something, then you don’t give it to them. But, what this movie teaches you is it’s not about who is right, it’s about fighting for everything and everyone with love in your heart. Wonder Woman believes and embodies love even when corruption and destruction is ever-present; she decides to save humanity with love.


The world needs this character and movie in the media to prove a female-led comic book film with the first female director of a studio superhero movie is not only necessary to the women and men to behold, but also remarkable.

As a society, we need to make this a norm, not an amazing first-time fact in the year 2017! We demand change and respect. My hope is, with the amount of people who have seen this film, we are more inclined to choose love. When faced with ignorance, choose love. When you hear about or experience tragedy, choose love. It is too important to ignore.

This is the necessary roles we need children, teens and even adults to see. I can look at this work of art and be proud. I can indulge this masterpiece and hope to emulate it in the best of my abilities.

Your Thoughts?

Did you get the chance to see Wonder Woman? What did you think? What did you learn? Do you think it carries any relevance in today’s society?


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