Easy Spring-to-Summer Transition Outfit at the Chinese Lantern Festival

If you’re like me, the person who never likes to let go of her cardigans, then this super easy outfit is perfect for you on the days where it is not so chilly and not so fuming hot either. As we are ending the spring season and moving into summer, the weather is a little up and down and what you need is just a layer or two with little accessories. But, this won’t be an ordinary outfit post; I also want to share a few (maybe a little more than a few) photos from my Franklin Square Chinese Lantern Festival experience!





Nice jeans, a flowy top with character, cardigan (length of your choosing), comfortable shoes, a purse for the essentials and some pretty jewelry is all you need to easily transform an outfit into a cute getup to go on a nice outing on a warm day.

I will leave it here with a photo with my mom (which was taken on Mother’s Day). As you can see, we have similar tastes. I get it all from her!


What’s your transition piece? Mine is definitely the cardigan. It is such a universal piece with different styles, colors and lengths. Let me know below what your item is!


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