3 Books I’m Struggling to Finish

We are each given a reading journey completely tailored to an individual’s personality. While traveling through my quest of books, I have discovered I am a steadfast mood-reader. There are so many books on my shelf which I’d love to read, but I somehow am boggled down by my ‘currently reading’ pile on a regular basis. I become so excited to read a book; however, something causes me to just stop. I think it’s more than me not loving the book; it’s my interest which waivers when my spirit seems to change course.

These mood changes lead me to putting the book(s) down and either stop reading for a while or pick up yet another novel. I have 9 books on my ‘currently reading’ bookshelf on my Goodreads account… which is terrible. But, some I have the heart to excuse for one reason or another. Nonetheless, there are 3 books for which I have no excuse. These are my top 3 books I’m struggling to finish:


Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg

Started Reading: March 2016 / Current Progress: 58%

This is book 2 of the Girl Online series by (my favorite EVER!) YouTuber, Zoella. It is a cute, fluffy read with a little bit of relationship and online anonymity drama. While this book seems it should be an easy contemporary read, something in me just cannot get through it. I’m not sure if it’s me getting a little older and not enjoying the typical teen love story or just the fact that I need to wait until I am in the right state of mind to jump back into the plot.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Started Reading: September 2016 / Current Progress: 45%

I will admit I began reading this book when I heard there will be a movie adaptation; book-to-movie adaptations are my jam. I love inwardly comparing and contrasting the two mediums! But, I think with this novel, I’m struggling to get into the peculiar storyline and noticing it’s taking a while for the plot to pick up acceleration. I think once I break through the plot setup of the abandoned home full of peculiar children, I will become more interested in this book.


Worlds of Ink and Shadow by Lena Croakley

Started Reading: January 2017 / Current Progress: 42%

With this novel, I’m not as embarrassed with how long I’ve been reading -or not reading- it. This book checks all the right boxes: Magic, check; Creativity, check; Historical Fiction, check. It’s sort of an unconventional story idea. I was honestly enjoying it; however, I think it’s held down by some extra dialogue and unnecessary details. Still, if I can set my mind to it, I think I would guzzle it all up.


When it comes to reading, I try not to force myself to read a book I’m just not feeling at that moment. I wouldn’t want it to influence whether I like the story or not or make me dislike reading in general. So, if you are like me and you find your temperament not agreeing with a novel, simply take a breath and set it aside.

Reading isn’t a race; in fact, it should be a sort of meditative, soothing experience. That book’s time will come, and when it does, it will be amazing!


4 thoughts on “3 Books I’m Struggling to Finish

  1. I’m having the same problem with zoella’s book too! I want to think because she herself is older that the books is applicable to people my age but the truth is that there is a certain youngness about the book. x

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