June 2017 Favorites

Well, hello July! With the passing of June, I said goodbye to spring and Pretty Little Liars (*tears*), celebrated Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary, welcomed summertime and tried, used and loved several amazing products, services and media.

June has proved to be a busy month for me job-wise, with getting lesson plans, activities and games together for summer camp (at the community center in which I work). Therefore, many of these bits carried me through each day, entertained me for one night and/or blew my mind.

One way or another, they landed onto my June Favorites list! See the details below.

*Items will be linked if found online.*



I would like to note that all of these beauty products helped me take on my busy work schedule, and as the real work soon begins, I’m confident it will continue to do so!

Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance Primer: When I first apply this foundation primer, the first thing I instantly enjoy is the moisturizing cream. It immediately makes my face feel more energized and hydrated. This feeling is followed by the gorgeous illuminating hints on the skin. Layer foundation on top for a radiating glow or leave it as is. Both options show amazing results!


Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette vol. II: This is the second month in a row I include a Tarte highlighter product and I have no regrets! I actually had this palette before their liquid highlighter, but this palette recently became a part of my everyday makeup routine (instead of using it occasionally). Nonetheless, I have loved it since I bought it. There are four impressively illuminating shades which definitely make my skin twinkle (haha): daylight (white gold), skylight (pearl), spotlight (champagne) and candlelight (rose gold). My favorite has to be the candlelight shade; it’s so sparkly and beautiful!


Side Note: I have been loving a lot of highlighter products. As I’ve said before, it’s my favorite part of applying makeup. I decided I would do a separate blog post on some of my favorites!

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm: I own the shade Sweet Violet, which has great color payoff. It makes my lips feel smooth and moisturized. I also like it is small and can fit in your pocket for easy application throughout the day. I would say the tint doesn’t last more than a few hours, but I’m okay with that.



Mousse: I’ve been loving my hair in pretty, effortless waves, especially when I’m pressed for time in the morning. I actually think it suits me AND it’s easy to just style and go! I’ve been using Herbal Essences Naked Volumizing Souffle and Pantene Curl Defining Mousse.



Wonder Woman Movie: This movie exhibited the power of women, love, faith, strength and hope. I whole-heartedly enjoyed/loved watching it in the theater. Please read my review here, where I lay out how important this movie is in our society!


Pretty Little Liars Finale: Okay, I will be talking about the genius plot twist below, please scroll down if you would like to avoid spoilers. It will say, “***End of Spoilers***,” when it is safe to continue reading!

***Spoilers Ahead***

Spencer has a twin! Alex Drake. ALEX DRAKE IS A.D. It seems at first, she restarted the game to find out and avenge Charlotte’s death. But, I truly believe she wanted to simply replace Spencer; she began to actually believe she is Spencer Hastings. While some did not like this plot twist, I adore it! The accent. The dementedness. The polar opposites. I love when there are characters like this in media which push the boundaries and bring something interesting to the table. I love Alex the same way I love Mona’s character! ALSO, the fact that Mona won the game and took over in the end is crazy and amazing! Oh, how I wish there were more seasons in the works! Why did it have to end?

***End of Spoilers***



UberEATS: I may be a little late to the party, but I think this app/idea is the best thing that could happen in food service! All you have to do is find a place/food you are craving, order on the app and an Uber driver will deliver it to your home. A tracker is also provided which is handy and useful. There is a fee, though. But, I love this idea!


That is everything I have been loving this month. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts on them are. I’d also like to know what were some of your favorite things for the month of June!


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      1. I was so confused at first but by the end I did enjoy! It was just a bittersweet feeling though, I’ll have to watch a few episodes one last time to take it all in lol

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