My Top 5 Harry Potter Artifacts — Collab with Abby Uppington

An artifact describes a usually simple object which shows human craftsmanship. While these objects show the great artistry and work of humans — muggle or magical — these are certainly not simple or ordinary.

So in light of this information, I am collaborating for the first time with the lovely Abby Uppington, whose blog is a brilliant mixture of beauty, lifestyle and travel, to rank our top 5 favorite artifacts from Harry Potter (check out her list, as well!). This may include anything from the deathly hallows, horcruxes, wands to textbooks, Quidditch supplies and just about anything in the Wizarding World!


My picks will be in no particular order; these will just be 5 of which I find interesting, beautiful, nostalgic and magical (also, ones I find I wish existed in the muggle world). Okay, with that out of the way, let’s get started:

The Golden Snitch


As a child, realizing the Wizarding World had its own sport with its own rules and equipment made it relatable. The presence of Quidditch showed their world lives among our world with overlapping interests and creations. However, at the same time, it gave a unique way of conveying the overlap while also exhibiting the strong difference: magic! Insert the golden snitch.

The golden snitch represents the introduction and relatability to myself and I think Harry as well. It’s the first time Harry plays as Seeker, which he feels he finally belongs in this world without feeling like a total outsider. Then later, it returns housing the resurrection stone. It embodies the simple but powerful phrase, “I open at the close.”

Add in the sleek gold design and the effortless speed in which it glides through the Quidditch pitch, this artifact is so much more than a Quidditch ball.

The Mirror of Erised

I show not your face but your heart’s desire


Firstly, I must note, I didn’t discover until later the genius behind the name of this mirror: Erised = Desire spelled backwards.

J.K. Rowling thought of a mirror which not only reflects your image, but also your deepest desire. The producers and designers then grasped this concept and created this masterpiece. The design and architecture is gorgeous. What I found most interesting is while other artifacts are created in multiples, only one Mirror of Erised exists.

I’ve always wondered what I would see if given the opportunity to look into this mirror.  It’s very thought provoking, as well. What would Hermione see? What would the other characters see?

Hermione’s Time-Turner

I mark the hours every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun / My use and value unto you depends on what you have to do


I was growing along with the characters, especially in the movies. I remember vividly the scene when Hermione finally revealed her secret and time traveled with Harry to save Sirius and Buckbeak. I enjoyed seeing how each scene was meant to happen and how time traveling affected the present and future. I found it intriguing and sometimes wish muggles would just invent something like it. Though, it may have its consequences. Time is a true mystery.

Still, I must mention the beautiful design of this artifact: the gold rings and knobs, the hourglass and sand which made up the time-turner. When turned, it truly came alive.

There were many concept arts created to brainstorm what the time-turner should look like. I must say there are several pretty ones which would have been interesting to see in its entirety. But, it just would not be the same.

The Golden Egg from the Triwizard Tournament


I think there is beginning to be some sort of pattern with the beautifully designed gold artifacts in this list. The Goblet of Fire has recently risen to one of my top books/movies of the franchise. Nonetheless, I have always admired the golden egg retrieved in the first task to reveal a clue about the second task.

I love the contrast between the outside and inside of the egg. On the outer shell, an ancient city is etched on its casing. While on the inside, a whole other world seems to live inside. The pearlescent hue inside coupled with the bubbles and song established the mystical feeling of the merpeople.

Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem

Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure


Last but not least: Rowena Ravenclaw’s  lost diadem. It belonged to a founder, stolen from Rowena’s daughter, Helena, who is also the Grey Lady, and made into a horcrux by none other than Voldermort. I’m very interested in this side story. I would love a complete biography of the life of this diadem, from its creation to its essential destruction.

I love that the diadem is made in the design of Ravenclaw’s eagle. It’s shaped by the eagles’ wings perfectly with white and light blue gems. The diadem is absolutely beautiful and full of Wizarding World history. How could something so beautiful be tarnished by transforming it into something so dark as a horcrux. Alas, there is no turning back now, even with its design. How you seen what it could have looked like? While it’s simple and pretty, it is no match for what the diadem represents now.

Those are my 5 favorite Harry Potter artifacts! What’s your favorite artifact from Harry Potter? What do you think you will see in the Mirror of Erised? Let me know in the comments below, then check out Abby’s post to see her choices!




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