Quick Autumnal Sugar Cookies

With baking season underway, I craved to make some delicious cookies using some of my cute autumnal cookie cutters: pumpkins, leaves, acorns, cats and witch’s hats galore!


Nonetheless, I didn’t want this post being an ordinary baking post where I list the ingredients and directions in making some yummy sugar cookies. I simply wanted to share some pretty photos of the things I used and the results — it can be a sort of visual representation!

The process was quick and standard, BUT I did add some vanilla extract to the cookie dough and some white chocolate morsels to half of the dough. I also decided to add icing and sprinkles to a few of them.

What I really want to get across is don’t let baking intimidate you. Just buy a pack of Betty Crocker and follow the directions. Add anything you feel will add to the experience and use fun cookie cutters to instantly make the cookies a little more festive!

If you’re feeling festive, be sure to leave a like and follow if you aren’t already!


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