A Dedicated Yoga Journey

It is with a heart full of joy and pride that I begin this post as I end my 30-day Yoga Journey. In January, I met Adriene Mishler (electronically, of course!) at just the right moment. Fate. Destiny. Serendipity. Call it what you want… The day before, I consciously made the decision to begin practicing yoga in order to pick myself up and dust off the last several years of uniformity. Fast forward to the next day when I discovered free yoga practices on the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel.

Dedicate. Day 1: Discern. I jumped wholeheartedly into the journey of uncovering my authentic self. I opened my heart and mind to dedicating time for myself on the mat… and I haven’t looked back. Over the course of January and into February (with some breaks, see my last post), I continued the yoga sessions, and even added CARE (February’s playlist) to my daily practice — I haven’t missed a day since.

To take it back a second… it has been a lifelong struggle for me with my weight, with trying to find something that works for me. At 26, I know I had to find something within myself. I had to search my own soul. I had to believe in myself. It finally clicked. That scintilla awakened me (are you seeing how this blog has manifested back into my life?).

Dedicate. Day 30: Liberate. With Adriene’s last namaste of the 30-day journey, I immediately burst into tears. That feeling of pride and joy overwhelmed me, and it came out of the blue. But, I welcomed it. I deserved to liberate myself — that doubt was no longer present, that cloud over me was passing. I did it. With half of my clothes thrown onto my rocking chair and my hair in a nest of sweat, I did it. I’m getting emotional all over again just thinking about it.

That is the sweetness of it. That feeling, that newness, that phoenix within will never let go. It is here to stay and fight and relax and enjoy.

I welcome each ache, pain and modification I experience during and after. There are many other ways to find felicity, and I am on the hunt. But, this is certainly one of them.

I found what feels good.

5 thoughts on “A Dedicated Yoga Journey

  1. Well done on finishing Dedicate! It was such an appropriate name for this 30 day series.

    I absolutely adore Adriene Mishler. I have been practicing with her for three years now and have done her 30 day journeys each January. They are so fulfilling and like a breath of fresh air. They are so useful in January when I am feeling out of sorts because of the season. She is also just as she seems in person as she is on video which made me appreciate her hard work that she puts into her videos even more.

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    1. Wow! 3 years. That’s amazing. I love her method and her presence. I think that’s part of the reason I have stuck with her.

      Have you met her in person?!

      Thanks for much for reading and commenting!


      1. Yes, I have met her in person! She did a tour almost two years ago and I went to her live class. It was a great experience! She took the time to shake hands with each and every one of us. I may post about my experience.

        And you’re welcome!

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