What Makes Us HUMAN and WOMAN

Pretty Magic in the Cinema — Captain Marvel

“I have nothing to prove to you.”
Captain Marvel

The desire to find purpose as humans is not a new concept to humanity. With life sometimes mistaken as an ordinary thing that we possess, it is such a miraculous thing. At times, we drag our feet along to the mundanity of our everyday routines. Other times, we grasp moments that fulfill our soul, reminding us of our human emotions.

But, what exactly are those moments? What makes them unique? What gives them that “Aha!” feeling?

I recently watched Captain Marvel, and some parts were extraordinary and surprising in the best way. It’s a reminder that we are all searching for ourselves, our purpose. It also humbles us into thinking about the power of a woman.

As soon as she is grounded and told of her strengths and memories, her full potential is unleashed. Bad for the Kree, but to the audience, it provided us with that “Aha!” moment.

I’ve been fighting with one hand behind my back. What happens when I’m set free?

Captain Marvel

Vers (Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers) begins with being taught to control her emotions; she is incessantly told that is what makes a person lose control and causes that person to be weak. Little do we know, when we suppress ourselves, we are essentially destroying who we are inside and not living to our full potential. As women, we are often coached into this state of mind. “Conceal. Don’t feel.” Who knew Frozen would be such a relevant source? But, it’s true.

If we are angry, we are classified as a bitch. If we are sad, we are deemed inconsolable. If we are happy, we are feeble. While the world may seem to be changing to the abstracting eye, we are still not equal in everyday society. We are paid insufficiently, we are given ultimatums and forced to choose between one matter or the other. We cannot have it all. Yet, we are the ones essentially always giving.

There are instances in the movie where it outlines the noticeably unequal status of women and men. Women cannot pilot in combat and Danvers is constantly underestimated. Turns out, Captain Marvel is supposed to be the most powerful in the MCU (also, note: this is the first Marvel movie with a solo female lead)!

Circling back to that “Aha!” moment, we arrive at 2 points: 1. Her best friend describing the powerful person she was before her unstoppable power and 2. Her realization that with each moment in her life when she was knocked down, no matter the age, we all witnessed her get back up.

It was a powerful scene. At that moment, I, myself, realized what makes us human: the ability to get back up. But also, that’s what makes us women: we have fought timelessly to get BACK UP!

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