Take Care, baby mine

Pretty Magic in the Cinema — Dumbo

Take Care. Such a short and sweet statement, but heavily loaded with meaning. Depending on who (or what) you say it to, it can mean several things. The meaning is versatile. Who you say it to is versatile, as well. I think that’s why it serves as such a common phrase in the English language.

Care. Meaning to provide what is necessary for someone or something; to give or show attention to that person or thing. This can be in so many ways: “health, welfare, maintenance and protection,” as stated in the dictionary.

I began thinking about “care” during and after I walked out of the theater after seeing Dumbo. This movie is filled to the brim with outrightly-expressed themes, and themes on the more discreet side. But, I believe the overarching takeaway can be put simply, “Take Care.”

Take care of yourself. Your mind, body, soul and dreams.

Take care of your relationships. The people you love — family, friends (of all kinds).


Take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Our earth and the animals in which we share our home.

With our mind and body being pulled in so many directions and our humanity being compromised with a sour or sweet occurrence, we may put this fundamental affirmation into a small compartment to be forgotten. But, it is so important to keep it in the forefront of all of our actions. We may just save someone, ourselves or a beautiful, blue-eyed, big-eared elephant.

Disney’s Dumbo Live Action Film

5 thoughts on “Take Care, baby mine

  1. I’ve been thinking more about taking care of animals and our Earth after watching “Our Planet”. It’s beautifully film but sad simultaneously. I have not gone to seen Dumbo and I probably won’t because it will most likely make me cry. I am a bit of a sap.

    It is important to take care of our relationships, we don’t live in a vacuum so we do need to have support and be support to others. What a great read.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading!
      There are many things being done to our planet and animals. Things that could be preventable. Dumbo really makes you think about the humans’ involvement in the horrible treatment of our animals. In general, it makes you want to learn more and do more.

      I hope you change your mind and see it one day (maybe when it’s on the small screen). There are some sad moments, but they’re all worth it!


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