Graze from the Inside Out

Our body is our soul’s home. It goes through a lot of wear and tear — walking, running, climbing, dancing, exercising. We do our absolute best to keep it moving, working, loving. 

I started this journey of mine to propel myself into a state of mental clarity, but also to a place of body ease. While yoga has done wonders to both, it is not the only thing I need. I know to make a total transformation from the inside out, I need to feed my mind, body and soul; what goes into my body is just as important. 

Graze Sample Box

While I still struggle with this, I have made conscious effort to introduce natural and healthier things into my diet. That is when I stumbled on Graze, a subscription box filled with balanced, portion-sized snacks.

I found it easy… and cool, really. I have the ability to tailor the options to my taste and preferences and choose how often I would like to receive it. The way I started is from seeing a commercial which promised a free sample box. I figured, “Why not?” After trying it, I subscribed to the snack variety box!

Firstly, I love the names of the snacks. With names like, “Snickerdoodle Dip,” “Jelly Doughnut” and “Sweet Mustard Ranch,” I was instantly intrigued (these turned out to be some of my favorites!). How are they going to put these healthy ingredients and make them taste like their names suggest? Well, they do a great job adding “flavor with benefits.” They taste really good and are great for just what they are: snacks. Don’t get me wrong, some are a miss for me. But, you are able to go onto their website and give the snacks you did not enjoy a little thumbs down, and just like that you are tailoring your box some more. With each, you are able to “love,” “like” or “dislike,” furthering the awesome customization of this company. 

These snacks have helped me stay on track and feel good about what I’m putting into my body. If you are on the search for healthy, potion-controlled, yummy snacks, I suggest looking into Graze.

8-Snack Variety Box

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