A Journey’s Companion: A Journal

From the early months of this year to now, in mid-May, I’ve been on a journey to improve my mindfulness of life through my mind, body and soul. I’ve changed some things, subtracted some things and added some things to get to the point where I am now and, hopefully, continue to build and grow as I lead myself into what’s to come. This includes what I put into my body, what I feed my mind and what I am training my body to do. There has been many positive changes. One thing that has accompanied me on this journey is… a journal. It has been with me from the very first day, with each step, helping me reflect and guiding me through.

I bought the fitspiration journal at the very beginning of January, as I considered the past year and desired a change. I quickly promised myself that I will fill it out with an “activity of movement” each day (that very quickly became a daily yoga practice). The journal has a space for listing gratitudes, goals, workout, food and mood. But there is also a page dedicated to written-journaling, an inspirational quote and a space to doodle or write an inspiration for the day. 

This journal is such a full and immersive experience. Faithfully, each day I sat with my journal and filled out the spread. Some days I swelled with pride, and others I reflected humbly. I feel so happy to have filled it, but I am also a bit sad that I cannot write in it again.

It’s just a journal. But, to me, it was a partner in this journey of mine. Yoga promotes mindfulness, and nutrition enforces food that boosts energy and overall health. But, the journal made me present as I jotted it all down. I am grateful. 

I have taken what I learned, and I am applying it to a new journal, where there is just lined emptiness waiting for me to fill in my progress. I am excited to continue and set out with this new companion — an extension, really.

With each day it gets easier and harder, but my mind and my journal unite each day to bring everything into focus. Oneself.

If you have found yourself on a globetrotting voyage or a trek of self, pick up a journal, any journal, and take it along for the ride. Confide in it, reflect in it, release in it and build with it. You just may find that you (your journal) is your best companion.

3 thoughts on “A Journey’s Companion: A Journal

  1. I do not have a journal but I do have a Passion Planner. Admittedly, I am not the greatest at planning and this is my second year with the planner. In fact, I am a great procrastinator to my chagrin. I am working on this which is why I got the planner to began with and I am making very small, infinitesimal mprovements.

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    1. Planning can be difficult in more ways than one. But, it’s great you have one! You can probably use the notes section or any extra pages to simply reflect. I think that’s the importance of a journal: to be able to sit with yourself and truly release and be comforted.


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