The Sky in My Hands

Pretty Magic in a Purse — Mickey Mouse Clouds Mini Backpack

I enjoy the thought of an accessory making your outer being feel so ready for what’s to come. With what you choose to put inside and what your outfit is on the outside, it is a great complement to who you are and what you need. Therefore, in the next installment of Pretty Magic in a Purse, I have another Loungefly x Disney bag: the Mickey Mouse Clouds Mini Backpack.

Mickey Mouse Clouds Mini Backpack

The hues of blue along with hidden Mickey constellations and clouds and little crescent moons stole my heart. I paired it with this cool Lilo & Stitch Adopt Today T-shirt (designed by a Fan Art winner for BoxLunch), a comfy black jogger/legging situation and the cutest light blue, airy jacket. The colors flow so nicely together.

With all of this talk of blue and the gorgeous print of the backpack, I find myself thinking about the sky. The sky is so mysterious and full of wonder. No matter the day or time, there are constant movements and happenings occurring above. As we speak, so much is transpiring that we don’t know anything about. It makes you feel so small, and yet so amazing to be a part of this world. 

With the constant movements of clouds on a sunny day or a loud boom on a stormy night, there is a presence above that demands to be recognized. As humans, we know it’s there, of course. We may forget its importance, but it’s ever present.

Many of our natural resources come from above — sunlight, rain. We see it, we feel it. When we are happy, we turn our faces toward the sunshine and smile. When we are sad, we scold the dark, blue sky. It is our sounding board, our comfort, our inspiration. From one extreme to the other, it’s there, always, extending what we need to us. Even the lovely breeze makes me feel like a piece of the sky is in my hands.

What do you think about when you look above?

3 thoughts on “The Sky in My Hands

  1. First, I love your backpack! Its so cute. I look at the sky almost daily. Sometimes, I try to think about nothing and just be. Other times, like you, I am in awe at its beauty. Its so amazing that we are just one tiny speck not just on this Earth but in the Universe! Sometimes I wonder what is beyond and that I will never get to see it!

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    1. Thank you!

      It’s always great to look up when reflecting on anything. It does make you feel so small, and just maybe whatever it is that weighs on your mind will work out.

      I, too, think about what is out there! We are definitely not the only ones in this wide, expansive universe.


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