A Whole New Self

Pretty Magic in the Cinema — Aladdin

Be yourself. This is the repeated cliché that everyone says to everyone. It is so over-said that it seems to have lost its true meaning and importance. It’s something we relay with such levity in any situation: first day of school, job interview, family event, friend’s birthday party. There’s something inside us that knows it can help in any experience, but we tend to glide over it, forget it and think it’s not something we can consciously do. But, these words have so much weight and truth to them. 

When we are put into different situations, we try to be all knowing and confident, which causes us to knowingly or unknowingly create a character, persona. Unintentionally, we change the circumstances and set ourselves up to be in a mask. We take different masks on and off throughout our lifetime, trying to be a different version of ourselves.

It is exhausting, at least to me. I have gone hours, days… and wow is it such a relief when you are in your own company and can finally put the shield and armor down. 

I felt this exact creation when watching Aladdin (I finally was able to see it this week!). His first wish is for Genie to make him a costume, to make him someone else, even though he already knew his connection with Princess Jasmine was there — real and present. But, that is our extinct: to show a better version of ourselves, so much so, we change a bit of who we are. Would we rather live a life of lies than show our hearts? It’s insane, but yes. For many of us, yes. 

Let’s turn to Jasmine. We meet her as someone else. Despite the intentions, she did not want to be recognized or seen as her true self. Because of this, there is an immediate connection to Aladdin on her end, as well. They understand each other in that regard. But, as with any deceit, things are not what they seem and stones will be thrown and tests will be taken. 

What I love about these characters is we see their growth as we are strung along the funny, happy moments to the OH, NO! moments and finally to their stance, as they break free from their social standings and, subsequently, their masks. They individually grow and come together with their growth. 

One of my favorite moments follows Jasmine’s new solo song, “Speechless” (wow, what an amazing song; it really solidified her character for me). It’s about breaking free and speaking up. Our words have so much power for others, but we must remember that it also has power for ourselves. That willpower inside of us can be so strong. You can see her inner power when she finally takes what she needs and wants. You can see Aladdin’s as well.

… And as the story goes, we see their power unite for Agrabah. 

I won’t be silenced
You can’t keep me quiet
Won’t tremble when you try it
All I know is I won’t go speechless

“Speechless,” Aladdin

It takes power and independence. It takes courage and presence. When we realize how much being ourselves can change our lives and we accept our mind, body and soul with our full being, we will be so powerful. 

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