I Am Not Lost Anymore

Pretty Magic in the Cinema — Toy Story 4

*Contains spoilers!*

What do you do when things become stagnant? Think about it. Do you remain where you are and do all you can to move the tide? Or do you decide it’s time to hop in a boat and sail along to a new horizon?

This is something I have been struggling with for several years now. I have spoken about the days that passed by — just like that — and the immense reflection and changes I have introduced into my life. I am still traversing on this journey, but I was reminded a great deal after seeing Toy Story 4 in theaters (finally!).

Pu this in perspective… Someone is on a mission to fulfill their purpose by doing everything they can to make the one thing that they want happen. But, that thing seems to be moving in the opposite direction from them. Despite their efforts, it constantly slips their grip. But then comes along another opportunity. Something they would have never even considered. But, this person is adamant to follow through in what they believe in…until they are finally knocked down. Something else grasps their hands and pulls them up and shows them another way, another thing, another opportunity, another chance.

Now, put yourself in those boots (see what I did there, haha). What would you do? Truly?

This is Woody’s dilemma, but isn’t it all of ours, really?

Sometimes, we are so caught up in “our plan” that we do not see the other opportune moments rearing their heads and tapping us on the shoulder. But other times, we may just be fearful of the unknown. What if it’s not better? What if we still fail?

But, my dear, what if you don’t? What if something great comes out of it. What if you are not lost anymore?

This is what Buzz Lightyear says in the end: “He’s not lost. Not anymore.” Woody let go of everything he knew and became a Lost Toy along with longtime friend, Bo Peep. He found his way back to her. He finally accepted that it is okay to let go of your past thoughts, experiences, beliefs and move on.

It was so very sad to me from the movie standpoint because I love the Toy Story franchise so much. I kept thinking, “No, he’s supposed to be with his friends, with Buzz, with his kid! He can’t possibly do this. He wouldn’t. That’s not his character!” It was a sad ending to this great chapter. But, then I realized… This is inspirational. He had the courage to change when things stood still. He is embarking on a new journey. He took the steps into a glorious new chapter. He did it!

He has been slowly changing with each movie, each adventure. In this most recent one, he saw himself anew.

Though my previous thoughts I feel ring a little true, it is such a good lesson to pass over to all those who watch this movie. I know for a fact Woody will not forget those he loves, but carry them within him to infinity and beyond. And guess what, so will you, so will I. We should all take a page out of Woody’s book, and “be who you are right now.”

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