Be Your Own Hero

Pretty Magic in the Cinema — Spider-Man: Far From Home

As children and into adulthood, we develop and pursue our dreams and goals. Along the way, we come across, or if we’re lucky, meet people who we look up to and wish to emulate. What a force that is! We find that desire within us to keep trying, fighting, growing in hopes of becoming the person we want to be.

But, this is not an easy feat. It requires so much of us — of us all. We change, we morph. Within this process, we realize the pressure we put on ourselves and the pressure from others, as well. When you start going for something, many push you to reach it faster and smoother. We undertake the expectations of others. We try to live up to them… and sometimes, we get lost.

Oh, Peter Parker. I felt for him during his newest installment: Spider-Man: Far From Home. He felt this stress and more, as superheroes tend to do. Still reeling on the passing of Tony Stark (Iron Man), he tries (and fails) to have a normal summer and succeed in his “plan.” But, of course, the pressures from the outside world beckon him, and it seems impossible.

The load of it all weighs him down. He is emotional. He is angry. He is sad. He attempts to rise up to the occasion, but he finally discerns another issue he has been dealing with: living up to the image of his hero.

It has come full circle. We are excited and inspired by the people we look up to… until it burdens our shoulders, and it seems we need to take a step back. We must or else we are fearful of what will happen. My hope is that you know it is a normal process. You are not weak. You ARE good enough. It simply takes time.

You will get to the other side and smile. Smile, when you realize you do not have to BE your hero, but be your own hero. Look at yourself and see you will pave your own path. You got this! You don’t have to be Iron Man. You can be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and still be a role model, a hero, a superhero.

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