Every Journey Has a Beginning and an Endgame

Pretty Magic in the Cinema — Avengers: Endgame

With every journey, task, reflection, moment, there is a beginning and an end. Just as the sun greets each day with a new start, the moon welcomes a warm ending of each day. But, we don’t forget how it began or how it came to an end… and, we definitely do not overlook the journey in between the two points in time. That is what is important. Each moment. Each reflection. Each task. Each journey. They are all a part of our life and what makes our world.

Every journey has an end

Avengers: Endgame

It’s such an eye-opening realization, and these thoughts tend to form as we are exposed to and take in art and stories. Leading up to Avengers: Endgame, all I felt was an excitement, but anxiety of a marvelous world, story coming to an end. During the movie, I felt happiness, shock, sadness, heartbreak and satisfaction — a whirlwind of emotions. But isn’t that how life is? 

Afterwards, I felt the adrenaline from the movie and the Marvel community. We all smiled, laughed, gasped, cried and screamed together. Complete strangers sitting and indulging in an end of an era. It was a cool moment. A beginning. An end. But, I don’t think anyone would let go of that experience or wish it away. 

It was a journey of our own to follow each superhero’s individual journey — from Iron Man to Captain America, from Thor to the Guardians of the Galaxy, from Spiderman to Captain Marvel (the first leading female of a superhero movie in the MCU) and so on. They broke boundaries with their respective power and attributes. Wow, can we relate to that? Can we try to emulate their characteristics and forge our own path?

That is the influence of this world and the journey. We relate, we hope, we act! We can make a difference; we can travel on our own journey. We can experience our own beginnings and endings and truly enjoy them, despise them and thank them.

I am in awe of this world, and I am sad that this particular era in this universe is over. But, I am thankful. Thankful I got to witness it and relish in it. 

That is how I look at life. I am thankful for each beginning AND each ending. I witness them. I relish in them. I thank them. And… I am ready and hopeful of the next…


from Marvel Studios

5 thoughts on “Every Journey Has a Beginning and an Endgame

  1. What a way to reflect on the connections between the story of the Avengers and life itself. Life is an adventure with surprises, satisfaction, sadness, anger, fear, hurt, and joy to name a few. We do our very best to enjoy it because eventually it will all end.

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    1. With each moment, visual, sound, I am trying to find a lesson. I want to take it in and learn from everything and not just stand by. I like relating what I see and hear to life itself. I think it’s so important to grow from everything we are exposed to. I can only hope to continue to do so. We experience so much with all types of emotions.

      Thank you so much for reading. And taking the time to comment 🙂


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